SD Dress Design Championship

Entry Guideline of SD Dress Design Championship (The entries from overseas customers.)

* The entry method for participants outside of Japan will differ from those within Japan.

■Entry Procedure
Step 1 : Download a design sheet, and design a dress!
Click here to download »
Design drawings of “Front” and “Back” of an outfit are required.
Please use “Free Space (Point)” to draw the details.

Step 2 : Create a JPEG File!
Make your design sheet into a JPEG image in order to attach it to email.
Please create a JPEG data by using a scanner or a picture taken by a digital camera.
*Please click here for example image

Step 3 : Qualification Round (Email Entry)
[ Deadline: Photos must be received by September 30 ] [ *No longer accepting entries. ]
Enter via email with “DWC2015 SD Dress Design Championship” as the subject!
(Japanese and English text only)
Make your design sheet into a JPEG image and attach it to the email.
⇒ Email:
(한국어 만 / Korean only)
한국에 계신 분들은 「텐시노스미카 서울점 고객님 접수」 를 통해서도 예선에 참가하실 수 있습니다.
⇒ Email:

Preliminary Pass!

Championship Round

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Important Points (Participation Rules)

  • Super Dollfie® owners compete with their love, passion, and creativity by designing “the outfit they want SD to wear” with an original design sheet.
  • The themes of Dress Design Championship are “Darkness” and “Light”!
    Please choose one of them, and put a title on your design.
Selection Method
  • Step 1. Qualification Round
    Please click here to get more information.
    ・Qualification Round will be held at Volks Headquarter, Kyoto
    ・Selection Process: Selection Committee will choose 5~10 entries as “Award of Excellence”.
  • Step 2. Championship Round (only for those who pass the Qualification Round)
    ・Championship Round will be held at Volks Website and Dolls Party 34 (December 2015)
    ・Selection Process: Popular Vote
Regarding Entry Submission for the SD Dress Design Championship
Qualification Round
  • Entry Submission Method: Email only ⇒ Email:
    ※접수는 텐시노스미카 서울점을 통해서도 실시하고 있습니다.
    한국에 거주하고 계신 손님께서는 이용해 주시기를 부탁 드립니다.
    ⇒ Email:

  • [ Important Points for Preliminary Qualification Emails ]

    • The entries will be accepted in Japanese, English and Korean only.
      For the applicants who are going to submit entries in Japanese and English, please click the following address.
      ⇒ Email:
    • 응모는「일본어」「영어」「한국어」에 한해 접수합니다.
      「한국어」로 응모를 희망하시는 분께서는 이쪽 메일 주소로 연락해 주십시오.
      ⇒ Email:
    • Make your design sheet into a JPEG image and attach it to the email addressed to Volks.
    • Volks will not bear responsibility for any email transmission errors or failed submissions.
    • Please write “DWC2015 SD Dress Design Championship Qualification [Your Full Name]” in the subject line of your email.
    • Please include the full answers to points 1~10 in the text of your email.

      Your Information:
      1. Full Name:
      2. Address:
      3. Phone Number:
      4. Email Address:
      Entry Information:
      5. Competition Entry's Pseudonym:
      6. Competition Entry's Category:
      7. Competition Entry's Gender: (Girl or Boy)
      8. Competition Entry's Body Size Group: (Choose one group only)
         A. YoSD/MSD/SDM/SDCute
         B. SD/SD13/SGr
         C. SD16/SD17/SDGOU
      9. Competition Entry's Title:
      10. Competition Entry's Promotion (Within 50 words):
      Please consider providing the following for information purposes:
      11. Your Age:
      12. Your Occupation:

  • Regarding Photo Attachments
    • Make your design sheet into a JPEG image and attach it to the email addressed to Volks.
      *Please limit total attachment size within 3MB.
      *We only accept JPEG file format. Preferred resolution: approximately 150 dpi.
  • Please refer the image here as an example.

Please Note
【Regarding Entry Method】
  • 1. Your entry's "Category”, “Theme”, and “Body Size” must be disclosed at the time of entry.
【Regarding Your Competition Entry】
  • 2. Methods and materials used for drawing a design sheet are at the discretion of the participant.
  • 3. Design must be the original work of the person submitting the entry.
    Design done by a third party, collaborative Design done by multiple people, and Design copying existing third-party characters will be excluded from the judging process.
    Design drawing must be an unpublished work.
  • 4. Please choose one theme “Darkness” or “Light” for one design work.
    If you want to submit several works, please choose a theme for each one and submit them in separate entry sheet. (You can submit more than one entry for one theme or the both.)
【Regarding troubles that may occur】
  • 5. Copyright to all competition works (including publication rights and all related rights) will completely belong to Volks, Inc.
  • 6. When Volks decides to release an item based on your design, there is a possibility that we change design and specifications slightly.
【Regarding Rights, and Miscellaneous】
  • 7. We will not answer any questions or provide more details on the selection process or its results.
  • 8. Personal information received at the time of entry submission may be used to contact the participant regarding competition matters.
    *Detailed information regarding our Privacy Policy and how your personal information may be used can be found on the Volks website.
  • 9. Event details and rules are subject to change without notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • 10. Entry submission constitutes agreement, understanding, and consent to all competition rules.
Regarding the Final Qualification Round
(only applicable for those who pass the Preliminary Qualification Round)
【Returning your entry】
  • 11. Please keep a copy of your work, as we cannot return entries.

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*This entry is limited to residents of Overseas. For Japan applicants,
please visit the webpage on Japan entries.