In the transition from childhood to adulthood.New body “Dollfie Dream(R) Pretty (DDP)” is born!

Larger than “Mini Dollfie Dream(R) (MDD)” and smaller than “Dollfie Dream(R) Sister (DDS)”, a long-awaited new body “Dollfie Dream(R) Pretty (DDP)” is finally released! It is not too young, but not matured as an adult. Zoukeimura used its accumulated designing know-how to create this unique loveliness.

See below for more details about “Iori Minase” and “Yayoi Takatsuki” who have the new DDP bodies! And what comes next? Don’t miss it!

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“New Century of movability” has arrived.The latest frame “DD-f³”


The latest frame “DD-f3” takes the place of DDIF. We used our “sensitivity” to give it a beautiful look as a Dollfie(R), made a theoretically-made “Structure” to achieve high movability, and what put these two together was our passion.“New Century of movability” has arrived with a new dream structure which was developed under the slogan “Passion to Movability”.

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